Roman Anthony was born on September 8, 1990 in San José, California, USA. He developed a love for entertaining at a very young age. Starting a singing group with his twin brother and a younger cousin. By the second grade Roman had choreographed a dance for a country music song his classmate sang at a school talent show. Throughout his academic career he honed his skills in arts by joining school and church choirs as well as piano in High School. Roman was always passionate about literature and would spend summers writing plays and television show scripts for his friends and family to act out. By his senior year in High School Roman was starring in productions of Grease, Class Action, and A Raisin in The Sun. 


Roman moved to New York City at the fearless age of 19 to pursue his dreams of becoming an entertainment attorney and an actor/singer. He worked while in school and spent every free moment with his vocal coach; auditioning and on set of television shows working as an extra. It was working as an extra Roman learned the fundamentals of on-set etiquette. He studied and communicated with the crew and offered a hand. He worked lights, boom, slating, anything they would allow. Roman believes one should learn every job in an industry so when a call needs to be made only one person is called.


Roman is known for his work on  What's the Function (2011), Lady Peacock (2014) and From Zero to I Love You (2015). As well as several web series. He has just completed an indie film and is currently using his free time to study his craft. Some of the best acting training he's received was with the great Marishka Phillips who studied under Susan Batson. He learned so much about connecting to his characters and being understanding of a characters journey. "A day with Marishka and I was crying like a baby, she has a way of helping you connect the best way possible to a human...emotionally." 


Roman now resides in Hollywood, California as of June 2015. 


When Roman is not acting he volunteers at the Los Angeles LGBTQ Center, planning events, and mentoring youth of color on the importance of sexual health and self love. To stay up-to-date check out his weekly blog Industry Talk where Roman interviews several celebrity friends and acquaintances on their crafts. Industry Talk will answer all of the burning questions many aspiring artist have. 


Whether it be music, acting, fashion, or modeling Roman is here to conquer. #RomanReigns