Fashion has always been a huge part of culture, one is able to tell many stories through a single optic. So many questions based off of a look or shape of a garment. When published Italian photographer Paolino asked model Roman Anthony to shoot an avant-garde piece with him he jumped right on board. Fashion is suppose to be expressive and his ideas of androgyny and avant-garde was something Roman has played with for years. Androgyny is an in-your-face look at acceptance, freedom, and sexual fluidity.


Now no shoot is great without a team, so Roman found an amazing stylist here in Los Angeles, California,  Ms. Sherah Jones. With only one meeting and a few exchanges of looks he was inspired by, Shera was able to create this look that set the tone for the shoot. Once on set everyone leaped into creative mode. Makeup Artist Kai Pritchard was so amazing. Roman saw the geometric patterns of the first look and decided the face should be simple with a white line down his lip. Kai being the celebrity makeup genius that he is actually triangulated that white strip turning the face into art.


Roman loves the geometrics of the first look and the hat piece, coming from New York it was very reminiscent of SoHo and the bohemian chic 80’s a time when AIDS was emerging and the world was in fear.The blue sun glasses were another pop and 80’s reminder reminiscent of the Club Kid scene in New York to capture this Alphabet City/SoHo, bohemian-chic look.


The second look was inspired by the old Giorgio Armani campaigns- obviously modernized and of course with the androgynous face and soft finger waved hair- an ode to Josephine Baker and the styles of the 1920’s. Very Great Gatsby-ish. We wanted the look to be simple but edgy and I think we captured that. Of course all of the optics for this look had to be presented in B&W for added drama. One thing about art is dramatization of reality.


We wanted something very fun and still grunge. So look three Roman sports a dramatic hat which is very in. However we took the look further with a crop-top sweat shirt and harem pants. Kai Pritchard (MUA) kept the face very simple adding red elements to the eyes and contouring out the cheeks to give a very indigenous look. We really play with the fluidity of sexuality and ethnicity with this look. Paolino’s lighting genius creates a fun image, to a look that would otherwise be considered serious.


The fourth look is very NYC chic. Neutral colors and layered fabrics creates this careless and luxurious look. The long coat being the statement piece. Touching base on classism and frivolities of the elite 2%.


Roman wanted to sport the thobe as his fifth look with a turban. Bringing two separate cultures (East Asian/Indian & Middle Eastern) together in one look. The premise of this look was to translate equality amongst all people. The pink/purple lighting reflects the equality of sexuality as well. Fashion and art should express the current events. Today in so many countries racism and prejudices of many religions still plays a major part. So by ‘walking in someone else's shoes’ you get to understand the looks and comments reserved for criminals and not everyday people.


We end our sexually political shoot with look six a playful and innocent look. Shera Jones (stylist) wanted to preserve innocence through the model. White shorts and a textured shirt with straps that resembles that of a bullet proof vest and combat boots.


This shoot encompasses multiple cultures and era’s of these cultures. From 1920’s hair, to a red smokey eye of our native american ancestors this shoot creates a powerful statement of perseverance, acceptance, and love.



Model: Roman Anthony

Photographer: Paolino  

MUA: Kai Pritchard (MakeupByKai)

Stylist: Sherah Jones (SherahStylist)

Hair: Roman Anthony





Hat: Goorin Bros
Glasses: Stylist's Own
Necklace: Aoko Su
Top: Control Sector
Pant: Jaffary Garments
Shoes: Steve Madden


Jacket: Michael Stars
Top: Control Sector
Pant: Jaffary Garments
Bow Tie: Rebel Etiquette
Watch: Elico Assoulini
Bracelet: H&M
Shoes: Stacy Adams


Hat: Goorin Bros
Earring: Rellik Jewelry
Top & Bottom: AZUL by moussy
Shoes: Steve Madden



Jacket: Control Sector
Sweater & Pant: AZUL by moussy
Necklace: Models Own
Shoes: Stacy Adams


Turban: EHutty
Thobe: Daffah
Vest: AZUL by moussy
Necklace & Cuff: Rellik Jewelry
Shoes: ByTheR


Hat: Goorin Bros
Top: Control Sector
Shorts: Zara
Jewelry: Stylist Own | Bracelet: H&M
Boots: Steve Madden